Aroma oil massage
A relaxing massage with base oils and essential oils. Highly recommended for hyperactivity and stressful situations.
Pampering time 30 min
41 euros

foot massage
The feet are relaxed and the whole body is positively influenced.
Pampering time 30 min
38 euros

full body massage
A full body massage from head to toe helps improve and maintain health and well-being. The sensory cells of the skin are pampered by touch. The muscles and joints are relaxed.
Pampering time 1 hour
69 euros

Classic back massage
The aim of the classic back massage is to alleviate the pain and to achieve an objectively measurable effect by mechanically influencing the muscles, tendons, joints and skin.
Pampering time 30 min
38 euros

neck massage
A neck massage offers the tense neck and neck muscles a gentle relaxation, which can have a positive effect on several symptoms and supports holistic well-being.
Pampering time 30 min
38 euros

By laying on hands as a form of physical contact and special symbol work, the health of an individual treated in this way should be influenced. Reiki is one of many forms of so-called "energy work" and laying on of hands techniques. 
Pampering time 90 min 96 euros

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